Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Gold Coast’s Carpet Cleaning Woes


Gold Coast has its fair share of carpet cleaning woes. These woes exist whether you choose to do the work yourself or hire somebody to do it. For customers, the main complaint revolves around hiring a cleaner who does some lousy work. DIY cleaners also make the mistake of using the wrong products or techniques, thus ending up with poor results.

Below are some of the most common woes.

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Making the carpet too wet is a huge problem. This problem occurs because you spill water, apply excessive shampoo, and pass over some parts of the carpet repeatedly with shampoo or hot-water-extraction equipment, and using equipment that’s poorly adjusted. Unfortunately, over-wetting can be a serious problem when it damages your carpets.


Using Excessively Alkaline Solutions


Alkaline solutions are the most common types of detergents used to clean carpets. However, they are not safe because of the effect they can have on the colours of your carpets. Professional cleaners are renowned for their expertise at mixing several cleaning solutions. Remember, using excessively alkaline solutions can void the warranty of your carpet.

Other woes worth mentioning include the following:

  • Improper brushing
  • Using chemicals that are capable of causing allergic reactions
  • Applying wrong chemicals or dilution ratios, thus leaving sticky residues on the carpets
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Selecting a Local Business That Works For You


It’s advisable to limit your options to local carpet cleaners, such as Mr Tenacious, if your office or home is nearby. A local operator understands the industry well. The local cleaners are reachable, thus making it possible for you to contact them anytime whenever you need help. Local is often the best during emergencies too.


Furthermore, it guarantees you the undivided attention that your project requires. The reason for this is they are not large companies. Consequently, they don’t have to worry about handling too many big projects. They are renowned for the attention to detail as well as quality workmanship they offer to give you what you need.


As previously stated, local companies are affordable. Their affordability stems from the fact they are capable of making good deals with local suppliers and manufacturers. They then pass these benefits over to you. The benefits include reduced rates for exceptional carpet and leather cleaning services. The fact their transport costs are low is also great news for your pocket.


It’s good to choose local companies, but only if they guarantee you quality workmanship. For this reason, go over the credentials of each cleaner in your local area. Check their reputation regarding providing quality services. If they have a splendid reputation, don’t hesitate to hire them to get your house professionally done.


Understanding the Difference between Dry Cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning


It’s important to understand that dry cleaning is different from carpet steam cleaning. Call the professionals over at Mr Tenacious to learn more about these differences. In fact, one might be tempted to say the only similarity between the two is they both clean carpets. Otherwise, they are as different as day and night.


The two are different in the amount of water they require. By definition, steam cleaning requires more water. It relies on plenty of water. First, the cleaner injects hot water into the carpet at high pressure. Thereafter, the cleaner then extracts the hot water out. Extracting water also ensures the complete removal of all the dirt, soil and other forms of debris that made the carpet dirty.


Dry cleaning, however, relies on pre-vacuuming first. This step is important in removing dry soil and other debris in the carpets. Afterwards, the cleaner treats the carpet using a dry cleaning solution. This process needs less water compared to steam cleaning. The cleaning solution then breaks down the residue that makes your carpet dirty to prepare it for removal.


Ultimately, the effectiveness of either method depends on the skills of the cleaner. The equipment used for either dry or steam cleaning also determines the results you get thereafter. The choice of chemicals used will affect the results too. It’s better to hire a fully trained and highly experienced technician to handle the work.


Unfortunately, the Best Carpet Cleaners Cannot Remove Every Carpet Stain


One thing you have to know is some stains are easier to remove compared to others. It’s worth noting that some stains will keep recurring no matter what you do. In fact, you might even hire the best carpet cleaning in town, such as Mr Tenacious, and continue seeing the stain on the same spot after a few weeks or months.


At some point, you may be tempted to blame your lack of proper training as the reason behind the inability to remove some stains completely. It’s good to know that your skills are probably not the issue. The issue is simply that some stains are impossible to remove. Some stains are as old as your carpet; thus, more challenging to remove.


There are times when homemade solutions will do wonders for your dirty carpet. At other times, homemade solutions will leave you wondering whether you mixed everything up well as you see them doing nothing. With time, you will notice that some stains get deep into the carpet fibres, thus proving impossible to remove even with the most experienced cleaner.

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Compare Company Reviews


It pays to study company reviews. The industry is full of many carpet cleaning companies, thus making it hard for you to settle on one that suits you the best. It’s important to know what to look for before you settle on any cleaning professional. You will learn how to do just that by taking the time to study these reviews written by fellow customers.


The reviews help you to know whether a carpet cleaner has the training and certifications needed to provide carpet cleaning services. The reviews will help you learn whether the company employs cleaners who are qualified to clean rugs, carpets, and all types of upholstery. Reading the reviews will inform you about the company’s reputation in the industry.


A company can make all manner of claims because its intention is purely to get business from you. Many times, it’s hard to authenticate these claims. The good news is that you can now confirm whether these claims are true by checking and reading company reviews. Use these reviews to compare the different companies based on different qualities.