Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

In Brisbane Carpet Cleaning Can Be Tricky


Cleaning carpets in your Brisbane home or office can be a daunting and tricky task. It’s good to know the challenges in advance so that you prepare accordingly. For the most part, you will have a smooth time cleaning your carpet. However, there are times when everything seems to go wrong, just like Murphy’s Law says.


What challenges should you expect?


Recurring spots are some of the most notorious challenges. No matter what you do, some spots seem incapable of disappearing permanently. It’s normal for customers to think their professional carpet cleaners are doing a poor job when they keep seeing these recurring spots. These spots occur because of the following reasons.

  • Inability to remove the original spot completely
  • Cleaning residues that attract soil
  • Wicking


The other main challenges are ugly traffic lanes and stopping wicking. For those who don’t know, wicking can be a frustrating problem. Although it’s common, this doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Proper pre-vacuuming using the best commercial vacuum available is one way of eradicating this problem permanently.

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Knowing the Difference between Carpet Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning


It’s important to know the difference between carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Learn the differences to avoid making costly mistakes. At times, your choice between the two could be influenced by money. Nevertheless, a full appreciation of what they both entail helps you to make informed choices and decisions.


One of the main differences between the two is the use of chemicals. Dry cleaning relies heavily on some strong chemicals. Very little water is required in dry cleaning. On the other hand, steam cleaning is the more eco-friendly option of the two. The chemicals used in dry cleaning cannot damage the carpet if used correctly but often leave a strange odour behind.


Steam cleaning is ideal for places with little traffic. The reason for this is it needs plenty of time (12-24 hours) to dry and be ready for use. Conversely, dry cleaning is ideal for places with high traffic. Since little to no water is required for dry cleaning, it will dry quickly and be ready for use almost immediately.


Obviously, you cannot ignore pricing. The equipment required for steam cleaning is not only heavy, but also costly and noisy. The equipment is also high-maintenance. Technology has helped develop equipment that is less noisy, though. In many ways, dry cleaning is more convenient and probably pocket-friendly too.


Choosing a Company that Will Suit Your Needs


Your needs are critical in informing the choice you make. It’s advisable to choose a company that suits your needs the best. Here, your needs refer to the type of carpet that you have. Your needs may also refer to the types of stains and spots you need to be cleaned from the carpet. It’s a good idea to be quite selective and selfish when making these decisions.


Furthermore, you cannot talk about your needs without mentioning money. It’s obvious that you need to budget properly. Some companies charge a lot of money for their services. Others charge more affordable rates. Your task is to select the company whose rates will not leave you financially crippled.


In addition to these, your needs also refer to your availability. A good company makes its technicians available when you’re at home or in the office. In fact, these companies must operate using your schedule. If it’s fine with you, there would be no wrong in allowing the cleaners into your office or home when you’re not around, but only if you trust them well.

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Even the Best Carpet Cleaner Cannot Remove Every Stain


What’s unknown to many people is some stains are impossible to remove. The best technology can’t offer much help with some stains. Hiring the best carpet cleaner doesn’t guarantee the kind of results you need either. Many times, the cleaners remove some of these stains only for them to reappear after a few weeks or months. This is particularly true if you have water damaged carpets in your home.


Some of these stains reappear and prove impossible to remove because of the following reasons.


  • Wicking


Check below the fibres of your carpet if you suspect wicking as the cause of some of these stubborn stains. It’s possible for the cleaner to use too much water or moisture while trying to get rid of stubborn stains. When this happens, the affected area will experience heavy saturation. Consequently, you will notice water penetrating the carpet pad and backing.


  • Residue


While wicking is more of an external cause, residue is internal. It occurs within the fibres. It occurs when the cleaner leaves a residue of soap, shampoo or any other cleaning agent on the carpet. The residue is quite stubborn and will remain in place regardless of the amount of time you give the carpet to dry.


All in all, avoid making assumptions about this issue. Simply because you’re unable to remove any stain doesn’t mean that hiring professional cleaners would be a waste of money. A fact that might be lost on you is that professionals have the experience and tools required to do a great job. Nevertheless, wait until they tell you if the stain is removable before making any decision.

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Compare Local Business Reviews


Identifying and hiring the right company that provides carpet cleaning services isn’t a walk in the park. The industry is full of companies that provide excellent services. One has to consider a lot of factors to determine whether a specific company is worth choosing or not. The good news is you can learn a lot by comparing local business reviews.


Fellow customers are often the best sources of reliable information. They share their honest opinions and experiences of using a particular firm’s services. Therefore, read as many of these as possible. You will get a general perspective of the quality of services each company provides, which would be great in enabling you to make the right decision.


When reading these reviews, your focus should be on different aspects of the carpet cleaning firm’s services. One of these is the quality of services. The next is the reliability of the cleaners and the manner in which they relate to customers. It’s also important to look at the pricing too as you wouldn’t need a company whose rates are way over your budget.