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Listen up mortals,

Mr Tenacious here. Now, no doubt you’ve heard about the feathers I’ve been ruffling in the Brisbane Carpet Cleaning scene.


Just like Batman had to clear up the rumour that he hadn’t paid a cent to Robin’s superannuation account, I wanted to squash a few of the ridiculous rumours which I’ve been hearing from first timers recently.


Is it true you perform every clean yourself?


Don’t be ridiculous. I’m a superhero… do you think Wolverine still sharpens his own ugly claws? I have important tasks to attend to outside of the carpet world. With that said though, I often perform random flyovers to ensure my Tenacious standards are being met.


How can you ensure consistent quality if you’re not doing the work yourself?


Ever heard the saying ‘Wax on, wax off’? Well, despite what that drop kick Mr Miyagi fella likes to tell people, I invented it. So, it’d be fair to say I clearly know my stuff when it comes to cleaning. Plus – each of my carpet cleaning sidekicks are absolute professionals who have years of experience under their belts.


Why should I choose you over the myriad of other suppliers available in my area?



Second, how many of these other suppliers fight dirt, stains and unkempt carpet during work hours and criminals at night? I’ll tell you, NONE! I am the one, the only. When you have someone like Mr Tenacious taking care of your carpets, you can sleep safe at night knowing it was done the Tenacious Way. Add to that my team of remarkable, reliable and totally kickass sidekicks, it really is a simple choice.

Still on the fence...

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