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Ridiculously Simple

Book your carpet cleaning service online with instant confirmation. Add instructions and pay securely online by debit or credit card.

Remarkable Service

We love what we do here at Mr Tenacious and that positivity will come across in every interaction we have you! Just a heads up, we also do enjoy the occasional cleaning pun...

Reliable Pro's

All our Carpet Cleaning Pro's are carefully vetted and interviewed prior to joining us. All have years of cleaning experience behind them, as well as kickass personalities!

Our Team

  • Experienced Carpet Cleaning professionals
  • Consistently high customer rating
  • ABN and Insured
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • No waiting, no quotes, no phone calls

Charlie, Carpet Cleaning Specialist


If you’re not happy with your service we will be back to fix it for free! If you’re still not happy, we offer a full refund. The strongest guarantee in the business.




Pick a day and time that fits your schedule.


Booking online is quick and easy.


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No commitments, no hassles, no worries.


You pick services that fit your needs.


Superman (2017)

“Aunt May’s carpet has never looked cleaner then after the Mr T crew visited. They flew in right on time and treated my aunt like royalty! I couldn’t ask for more from a carpet cleaning business.”

Bruce Wayne (Batman)

“Just because I’m filthy rich and have a bat cave doesn’t mean my carpet cleans itself… I take my suit off to the Mr T Carpet crew for flying in on a weekly basis and cleaning the grime from my carpeted office.”

Need Superhero-Level Help to Tackle Nasty Stains, Germs, and Dirt?

Let The Pro’s at Mr. Tenacious Save You From Soiled Carpets and Bacteria!

Villainous stains pop up every day all over our fair city, terrorising citizens. Arguments break out over who is to blame and pets get yelled at because of this evil.


Some may move their furniture to try and hide from this irritating reality, but the stains remain hiding in the dark, biding their time. You do not have to live with this spectre over you any longer, because Mr. Tenacious is here to help.


Dedicated to eradicating the scourge of stains from the greater Brisbane area, there is no job too big or small for Mr. Tenacious and his trusty sidekicks.


From carpets and upholstery in the home to large corporate jobs, we have you covered.


Mr Tenacious knows there are a lot of carpet cleaning wannabes out there causing trouble. These amateurs promise big, but fail to deliver the goods.


Fortunately for you, my sidekicks and I are all well versed in stain and dirt elimination. Even the evil of red wine stains on white carpet cannot stand up to my super stain removing powers.


Using the latest stain removing gadgets and techniques, we have not yet encountered a carpet villain that we cannot eliminate. You may not understand the true depth of stain fighting power we have at Mr. Tenacious. But if you stick with us, you will see the magic firsthand.


But first, let’s take a look at the great value you get from our carpet cleaning services.

Brisbane's Best Carpet Cleaning From $35/hour!

If you’re not happy with your service we will be back to fix it for free! If you’re still not happy, we offer a full refund. The strongest guarantee in the business.

Book a Super Carpet Cleaning Hero Quickly and Easily in Just Minutes

Like every good superhero, the true origins of my super stain fighting powers remain shrouded in mystery. Many have tried and failed to reveal my true identity. I am sure you have read of my exploits in the news, but I will retell them here for you. Tired of seeing stains and dirt spreading fear and horror throughout the population, my sidekicks and I had to act.


Other carpet cleaners tried and failed before us to restore order. This was due to their lack of real superpowers and commitment to the cause. Of course, when we entered the scene it was easy to show these rookies how it is done.


Everywhere we go, stains and dirt go running. We always stand at the ready and react fast to any reports sent to us by regular citizens.


If you trust your carpet cleaning needs to us, you will not be disappointed. The process of contacting us and scheduling a time for us to come to your home could not be simpler.


With a few clicks of a mouse, you will have a super stain fighting team at your doorstep. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and years of experience, they will make short work of any villainous stains lurking in the shadows.


Even though our service is as convenient and high powered as it gets, you won’t have to pay a fortune. Our service operates on a fixed fee and you will be pleasantly surprised at how cheap it is to get your home carpets professionally cleaned.


Many citizens of our fair city still scoff at the price for a professional and believe they can use hired equipment to achieve the same result.


I find this idea laughable. The right gear is only half the equation when it comes to being a stain fighting superhero.  There is no way an amateur can match the years of knowledge and experience amassed by me and my sidekicks!


Are you ready to get the professionals in to do the job right? Check out the amazing features of this superhero service.

See Why Even Other Superheroes Prefer Our Quick, Affordable Carpet Cleaners

Although carpets and upholstery is where we find most of our foes lurking, we are ready to chase stains wherever they may run. Because of this, we are ready to destroy stains all over the home – from grout to leather couches.


Here are some of the extra services that we offer:

Mattress Cleaning – Mr. Tenacious wants to make sure that you sleep easy. What you don’t realize is your mattress may be hiding vicious bacteria that may attack you when your guard is down. Our steam cleaning service is perfect for removing nasty germs and sweat stains from your mattress, pillows and other bedding.


Tile Grout Cleaning – Lurking menacingly between your bathroom tiles is the worst kind of mold, ready to pounce when you are unaware. Our enterprise-grade machinery and techniques can remove even the most stubborn mold without damaging your grout or tiles.


Rug Cleaning – Rugs can attract some of the nastiest and most stubborn stains due to pets or accidental spills.  They are often much more delicate than regular carpets and need a light but firm cleaning method. All my sidekicks are equipped to lift the heaviest of stains out of your rug without damage.


Flood Damage – The most imposing type of stain out there is caused by flood damage. You may think that all hope is lost when you see the damage flooding causes, but we are here to help. Not even the worst flood damage can stand up to our expertise and professional equipment.

Brisbane's Best Carpet Cleaning From $35/hour!

If you’re not happy with your service we will be back to fix it for free! If you’re still not happy, we offer a full refund. The strongest guarantee in the business.

Zap Those Carpet Stains with a Professional Cleaning From Mr. T.

Even though Mr. Tenacious and his sidekicks can fly fast, even a superhero has limits. Right now, we are fighting dirt, germs, and bacteria in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Toowoomba. If you are in our service area, then you are in luck. We can come to you and clean your carpet, starting at $35 per hour.


Getting in touch with us couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is enter your details on our user-friendly website. Then select a service date and time that is most convenient for you. Based on the number of hours you want, you’ll see a final price.


You pay right there on our website so you don’t have to worry about having cash on the day. We promise never to charge for any extra work unless you first agree to it.


In fact, we are so confident in the stain fighting skills of Mr. Tenacious and his sidekicks, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is any problem, we will come back and fix it for free. If even that doesn’t work, you will get a full refund!


Don’t mess around with those wannabe superheroes and definitely don’t waste your valuable time trying to fix things yourself. Mr. Tenacious is by far the best choice. We can get the job done quickly and affordably so you have time for more important things. Call us to save the day!


Are you ready to do your part and report some carpet stains for Mr. Tenacious to fight? Here’s how you can contact Mr. Tenacious today.


Contact Mr. Tenacious right now and send ugly stains, germs, and bacteria into oblivion!